Take a look at the Bucketeers Ayla and Finn and some soon-to-be Bucketeers in action as they begin their Quest of Adventure.

Finn and Alya at log-01
Hide And Seek1

Hide & Seek In The Dark


Crab Fishing


Sea-shore Art


Mini-beast Hunt


Making a Mud Pie


Making a Snowman

Fly a Kite

Climb a Tree

Climb a Hill

Build a Den

In Quest of Adventure

  • water fight

    Water Fight

  • stage a play

    Stage a Play

  • snail race

    Snail Race

  • seaside art

    Seaside Art

  • scavenger hunt

    Scavenger Hunt

  • Roll down a hill

  • race leaves down a stream

    Race leaves down a stream

  • Mini-beast hunt

  • Mini-olympics

  • Make a mud-pie

  • Jump over waves

  • Grow your own

  • Garden party

  • Conker Combat

  • Climb a tree

  • Climb a mountain

  • Build a den

  • Ride a bike

  • Flying a kite

  • Playing in the snow

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